Owner of Ahava Shop in Covent Garden tells Hoffman to Be Quiet!!

Owner of Ahava Shop in Covent Garden tells Hoffman to Be Quiet!!









Boycott Ahava’s Stolen Goods Shop

Activists have been mounting a picket of the Ahava ‘beauty store’ in Covent Garden London every Saturday between about 12 and 2.00. As per normal, Jonathan Hoffman and a few sidekicks come along to counter the Palestinian supporters.

Ahava markets products from the Dead Sea, i.e. it deals in stolen property. You might think that the owner would be appreciative of poor Hoffman’s efforts? Nope. Not a bit of it.

She is angry at the noise he makes (we agree, like an empty vessel he makes a lot of unproductive noise).

I picked this up on a fairly trivial Zionist website run by one Carol Gould:

‘What I found disturbing about the demonstrators was their visceral anger. One man started screaming at me when I said there were fifty-odd Muslim countries in the world and just one Jewish state. He went into a paroxysm of rage, calling me an Islamophobe and racist. A few days later the same young fellow was busy shouting and jumping about outside Ahava, the Israeli salon and skin product manufacturer. Its main London spa is in Covent Garden; a tiny group of stalwart Israel supporters led by Jonathan Hoffman, vice chair of the Zionist Federation UK, assembles there every other Saturday to counter the large crowd that gathers to denounce the “genocidal apartheid state.” Some of the pro-Palestinian protestors can barely contain their rage and they try to stop tourists and Londoners from entering the store. What is irksome is that the Israeli woman who runs the Ahava shop complains every other Saturday to Jonathan not about the loud, drum-pounding, hateful anti-Israel demonstrators but about the “noise” the small contingent of Jewish activists makes. Her beef is that she “loses business” during the two hours of the rally, 12 noon until 2 PM. She bitterly moaned to me that her “massage clientele” go crazy from the noise generated by Hoffman’s megaphone.’

The only thing I didn’t understand was about her ‘massage clientele’. Is this a brothel or a shop or is it the case that when it comes to Zionist shops they’re all one and the same? I think we should be told. Maybe Jonathan Hoffman has a proprietorial interest in Ahava (see his blog article on the Jewish Chronicle ‘Ahava Needs Your Love’!! Suspicious innit? Perhaps the local Soho Vice Squad should be informed of the new Mr Big!!!

And for more info on the pickets, see the Big site!

Tony Greenstein





  1. Anonymous

    Tony, I'm a little worried. It appears the "brothers in arms" of the Zionist Federation, the EDL, are recruiting none other than the Mad Dog himself, Jonny Adair:


    Also of interest is how Zionist imagery is everywhere in these videos, and the video linked of Nick Greger shows him dressed in an IDF tshirt.

    I don't know about you, but I dread to think of the damage done to the BDS Movement if the duo of the Hoff and the Mad Dog emerges. I can just imagine them massaging one another with Ahava's beauty creams as Adair advises Hoff on where best to have his IDF tattoo.

    Brilliant blog. Keep it up.

  2. joe90 kane

    Zionists are the best advertisement Palestine-BDS has –
    – as usual Mr Hoffman and his brainless minions also set the example of best practice.

    In order to show his support for Ahava he manages to chase away its buisness and clientele.

    Please keep up the great work Mr Hoffman, we couldn't do it without you.

  3. Tony Greenstein

    Yes Jonathan Hoffman is certainly the Oliver Hardy of the Zionists!

    It's interesting about the EDL and its attempts to get close to the UDA. However I suspect that the Zionists aren't interested in such feuds and will probably want to keep clear, despite the existence now of a Jewish i.e. Zionist component of the EDL.

  4. Anonymous

    As always Greenstein gets his facts wrong. The demos are every two weeks not every week. And what he does not tell you is that that the shop takes more on the days when there are demos than when there are not. Just like demand for tickets for the recent Jerusalem Quartet concert was boosted by his cultural boorishness in interrupting the previous concert. Public opinion is very much with us, people can see through the lies and all the malevolent antics only strengthen that.

    Bring it on Greenstein, bring it on.

    Jonathan Hoffman

  5. Tony Greenstein

    It would seem that Jonathan Hoffman really is living in his own world. Having just come back from leafletting Waitrose supermarket the response from ordinary shoppers is overwhelmingly supportive.

    I am always happy to be corrected, even by Jonathan Hoffman! However whereas I get it wrong occasionally, usually a minor error, Jonathan gets everything wrong. Why he even calls the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and the activists on it 'terrorists', unlike their heavily armed attackers.

    And of course he still maintains, contrary to the rulings of the Israeli Supreme Court, that there is such a thing as Israeli nationality.

  6. joe90 kane

    The demos are every two weeks not every week. And what he does not tell you is that that the shop takes more on the days when there are demos than when there are not.
    – Why not demonstrate most days then, and increase the success of your favourite cosmetic shop?

    Just like demand for tickets for the recent Jerusalem Quartet concert was boosted by his cultural boorishness in interrupting the previous concert.
    – Classical concert goers are amongst the most educated in western society and, therefore, the most indoctrinated so one would expect such a reaction from them.

    Palestine-BDS isn't aimed at persuading the most indoctrinated in our society. It is aimed at others, but especially those who are responsible for British Government foreign policy – to force them to take account of British public opnion and change foreign policy accordingly.

    The British public disagrees with its own government giving support to the current racist war crimes regime that runs Israel.

    It's as democratically simple as that.

    Public opinion is very much with us….
    – Is with you on what exactly?

    It certainly isn't with you on your fanatical support for the racist war crimes reigime that currently runs Israel. Maybe you could provide some opinion polls for your assertions?

  7. Tony Greenstein

    And of course Hoffman fails to mention the most salient fact of all. That even the shop owner doesn't want him!

  8. Carol Gould

    Dear Tony,
    1.'Pajamas Media' is not my website. 2. It is not 'trivial' as its contributors include Roger Kimball, Phyllis Chesler, Victor Davis Hanson, our own Frank Furedi (Marxist and fellow panellist with me on 'Any Questions? hosted by Jonathan Dimbleby), Dr Daniel Pipes and Anne Coulter. The abovementioned scholars have an aggregate of about 10 million book sales and thousands of newspaper features and radio/TV appearances to their collective names.Trivial??

  9. Anonymous


    You may have been educated at Moscow Higher School circa 1961 but you know nothing.


  10. Tony Greenstein

    Ah Jonathan. These barbs are most wounding, even if they leave a lot to be desired (humour!).

    Far from being educated at the Moscow Higher School in 1961 it as the King David Jewish School in Liverpool! Are you ever going to get anything right?

    Nice new flag Israel's got you will agree I'm sure! A Star of David with the skull & crossbones at its centre.

  11. Anonymous

    With regards to your statement that Ahava is 'stealing' from the Palestinians I refer you to the U.N. Palestine Partition Plan in which the northern half of the Dead Sea would be within the Arab State and the southern half the Jewish state. Do you know from which end Ahava take their minerals? Also, your predictable remarks about 'massage parlours' are beyond puerile. From what I've read you and your cohorts strike me as a very sad and pathetic bunch or at best a group of misdirected and over zealous schoolboys.


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