The Madness of Israel

The Madness of Israel









The Siege Mentality of a Settler Colonial State

Sometimes pictures tell their own story, especially when enhanced with sound. This video of the Israeli demonstration outside the Turkish Embassy on 1st June 2010, describes this insanity of the besieged settler in his state perfectly. Having once escaped from the ghetto, the Israeli Jews are busy building a ghetto state, complete of course with its ‘security’ wall.

Of course those depicted so well by Max Blumenthall in the film can, to some extent be forgiven. After all many people would behave similarly in the same situation. These are the people who castigate non-Jews for not having enough ‘righteous Gentiles’ during the Holocaust. Yet the number of Israeli Jews who stand aside from the chauvinist national concensus grows smaller and smaller. Just 2,000 Israelis came out for a demonstration against the attack on the Mavi Marmara.

Tony Greenstein





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