Exposed – Israel’s List of Those to Murder on the Ships

Exposed – Israel’s List of Those to Murder on the Ships









The Day Israel’s Death Squads Took to the High Seas

The Lies of the Israeli State and the Labour-Likud-Yisrael Beteinu government are coming home to roost. You may still remember the initial propaganda, that a boat of human rights activists were really terrorists and had taken by surprise elite Naval Commandos and tried to lynch them. We’ve already seen the footage of their injured soldiers being medically treated. I’ve already covered the attempted assassination of the head of the Islamist Party in Israeli, Sheikh Raed Salah. Now there are even more dramatic revelations. In the latest video to be smuggled out, over 1 hour’s worth, from Iara Lee on board the Mavi Marmara, it is abundantly clear from a document which was dropped, that the Zionists had a secret hit list. People they wanted to murder, like some death squad, of which they are of course more than familiar. See for yourself.





  1. Anonymous

    You're a joke. This document shows some passengers of the ship. Nothing about 'those to murder'. Or a 'hit list'.

    You're away with the fairies.

    Jonathan Hoffman

  2. Tony Greenstein

    Ah I see. The document shows some passengers of the ship (actually ships). Now why would that be? When I travel by Stena or Sealink there is a passnger roster but they don't have my photo alongside my name. What would be the purpose of this? Don't forget this was all supposed to be peaceful.

    I know. They intended to set up a VIP class where extra luxuries would be on offer? No?

    But of course Hoffman, who job it is to defend any action of the Israeli state, come what may, decies the idea that it is a 'hit list'. Presumably our learned Zionist hasn't heard of the Kamm-Blau affair in Israel which revolves precisely around a death squad and its activities.

    Fairies? Do tell us more Jonathan and whilst you're at it maybe you'd tell us if there is anything Israel might do which you wouldn't support?

  3. The Contentious Centrist


    Over @ Bob's, you claimed that

    "Or this video of Democracy Now which shows that the American citizen was executed at close range." and provided the following link:

    Having watched the video, twice, nowhere does it show that "the American citizen was executed at close range." There is no footage of any shooting whatsoever.

    Why did you make such a claim? If you knew what's in the video, why did you lie? If you didn't, and were only channeling another's hearsay, then why should we believe anything you claim from now on about anything at all?

    Your wild accusations about a "death list" are very astonishing, coming from a "legal advisor" who would presumably know something about the inadvisability of perjury and slander.

  4. Tony Greenstein

    Now I wonder what a contentious centrist? A Zionist trying to hide under a less contentious label. How about 'A willing propagandist for any war crime Israel commits' for example?

    No I thought that didn't go down too well.

    In fact it is a simple mistake with all this footage coming out. The interview on Amy Goodman's programme wtih Iara Lee doesn't of course have footage of the shootings so much as an endless procession of badly injured people whom the Israelis allowed to bleed to death where they were.

    Because as Iara says, 'they came to kill'. Of this the pathetic centrist has nothing to say of course.

    The link to the cold blooded murder of Furkan is here:


  5. jock mctrousers

    Need the advice of a weapons expert on that one. They're obviously not kicking the shit out of a football or a seagull. The guy DOES point a gun, and make some motions that look to me like the motions you go through to get the next bullet into the chamber of a non-automatic rifle, like you see in cowboy films, which is all I know about it. But surely the Israelis would have state-of-the-art automatic rifles? He seems to repeat the movement 4 or 5 times, but I couldn't swear that I'm not just seeing that because I expect to. I don't know.

  6. Anonymous

    "The link to the cold blooded murder of Furkan is here:


    The first link does not work.

    The second link tells me that "Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Tony Greenstein's Blog does not exist".


    "Because as Iara says, 'they came to kill'. Of this the pathetic centrist has nothing to say of course."

    I say you are an antisemite who wishes to see all 6 millions Jews in Israel murdered. There. Prove me wrong.

    Are you really this incompetent, and you, a LEGAL ADVISOR? Was she there on the deck when the IDF soldiers dropped in? In the footage YOU linked to @bob's someone was saying: they are using paintguns. From which she can deduce with the utmost certainty that they came to kill. How does she know what was in their hearts? How does she know what were their intentions?

    What good is your cause if such are its reasonings?

    What makes you believe something said, rather than something seen? How come you do not insist on visible, plausible proof before you slander Israeli soldiers as murderers?

    Interesting that you are simply incapable of making one coherent, well-supported accusation and that your first instinct when called upon it is to rant with feeble slanderous accusations.

    Contentious centrist

  7. Tony Greenstein

    Well if you tried using what passes for a brain anon old chap you could just watch it on this blog. I've just done it so it obviously works.

    Now why should I disprove your allegation I want to murder 6 million. You made the allegation, you prove it. That's the normal procedure in the courts, hence why someone is guilty until proved innocent (except in Israel of course).

    Disproving a negative such as 'there is an invisible pink monkey in this room' or 'there is an idiot who keeps posting nonsense' is difficult/impossible to disprove. No the last one is quite easy to prove because there is evidence!!


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