Paris bookstore attacked, books destroyed by Zionist fanatics of the “Jewish Defence League”

Paris bookstore attacked, books destroyed by Zionist fanatics of the “Jewish Defence League”









DIV P { MARGIN: 0px } The true face of Zionist ‘democracy’ was demonstrated last Friday in Paris, when the fascist thugs of the Jewish Defence League attacked a left-wing bookstore and destroyed the books and computers in it with impunity. Attacks on bookshops have a long fascist pedigree so it is no surprise that this bookshop was a target. The silence of Zionist leaders has been conspicuous by its absence. If this was an attack by Muslims on a Zionist bookshop the air would be full of accusations of ‘anti-semitism’. There are no similar cries of anti-Arabic racism since only a week ago President Sarkozy was stirring up hatred against Muslims by devoting his speech to an attack on the Burka, a garment worn by a tiny fraction of Muslim women. Presumably there were no greater ills in French society than this to catch his attention. Tony Greenstein

Paris bookstore attacked, books destroyed by Zionist fanatics of the “Jewish Defence League”

Early in the afternoon of Friday, July 3, a half dozen thugs, mostly masked, openly belonging to the Jewish Defence League (Kahana group), assaulted and vandalized the bookstore Résistances in the 17th arrondissement of Paris (4 Villa Compoint).

The bookstore includes a reading room offering free use of computers, plus an auditorium which often hosts well-attended conferences by authors. The day before, a conference was given there by Mahmoud Suleiman from the Palestinian village of Al-Masara on non-violent resistance to Israeli occupation.

Instead of burning books, the Zionist fanatics ruined them by drowning them in cooking oil. They also smashed the computers.

As usual, they escaped before the police arrived. So far this highly active group has enjoyed total impunity for its attacks on property and persons. (translated by Diana Johnstone)

Some of us went there to see what had h appened, seeing as the Résistances telephone line was no longer functioning. This isn’t the first time they’ve been victims of the Betar or the Ligue de Défense Juive (Jewish Defence League) – remember the teargas attack the night when Tanya Reinhart was speaking. Just two weeks ago, when the store was closed at night, the shutter had been painted with the star of David plus the LDJ signature.

Today the bookstore is in a terrible state – thousands of books covered in oil litter the floors – there is oil everywhere on the floors, and attempting to move anywhere is treacherous. The attack took place around 2 p.m., shortly after the store opened. Present at the time were only
Genevieve at the front desk, Olivia at her computer behind the counter in the middle room, and two clients. Five men dressed in black and wearing cagoules and black gloves rushed in yelling loudly through the front door and claiming they belonges to LDJ. They hurled the books off
the shelves and doused them with cooking oil and then charged down the corridor to the middle reading-room where they did the same; they also smashed the five computers there. The thugs stayed no more than 4-5 minutes, and were seen leaving by the library’s called the police.

The police subsequently showed up, too late to apprehend anyone of course. They took photos, taking away some of the empty oil bottles. It was even dangerous to move on the pavement outside, as that was completely covered in oil also. Quite a lot of the Résistances supporters were milling around outside, having gone there like us to show solidarity.

The LDJ, banned in the US – and even in Israel – are able to go on the rampage in France and are never punished, even when they’ve been occasionally caught on film while attacking.

annie (AAW = Americans Against War)

Numerous peace organisations, bookstores and library networks are calling for a rally next Wednesday to demand that these dangerous thugs be brought to justice and that the JDL be banned from operating in France. The rally will take place on Wednesday 8 July at 7 p.m. in front of the Résistances bookstore at 4 Villa Compoint, near 42 rue Guy Moquet, Paris 17 (metro Guy Moquet or Brochant, line 13).

We would like to thank the many who have sent messages of support to the bookstore. A video with English subtitles will be available tomorrow on and other websites.

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  1. LeaNder

    Hmmm? When I first heard about the Jewish Defense League, I wondered if the narratives were antisemitic myths …

  2. Anonymous

    sad tony. People say your family treats you like the leper you are.

    is it true your dad cursed you before he died?

  3. Anonymous

    They say your own family hate you. Is that right Mr Tony Anti Semite?

  4. joe90 kane

    There seems to be a noticeable trend in the recent items on Islamophobia Watch website, from just reporting on attacks on Islam and Muslims in the corporate news media to reporting actual physical attacks on them –
    Islamic charity shop set on fire after repeated threats
    06 July 2009

    Police fear far-right terror attack
    07 July 2009

    I thought this excerpt from Ian Kershaw's 2 volume biography of Hitler quite appropriate –

    The symbolic moment of capitulation of German intellectuals to the 'new spirit' of 1933 came with the burning on 10 May of the books of authors unacceptable to the regime….[it was a] spectacular scene at the Operanpaltz in Berlin, as 20,000 books of poets and philosophers, writers and scholars, were cast into the flames of the vast auto-de-fe……The poet Heinrich Heine (1797-1856), whose works were among those consumed by the flames, had written: "Where books are burnt, in the end people are also burnt".
    – Ian Kershaw, Hitler 1889-1936 Hubris, pbk 2001, page 483.

  5. LJansen

    Anyone who stands in public supporting Palestine knows there are probably people like these JDL folks somewhere.

    Starting with the people at the top of the government, violence like this is encouraged by the fact it is never punished.

    Look what Israel did to Gazan and Lebanese civilians in front of the world with no comment from Obama, et al. Our state legislature actually passed a congratulations to Israel during the Gaza attack.

    We're trying to make them accountable, but it's pretty slow going. Very sorry for the wrecking of the book store. Courage!

  6. Ajit

    is it true your dad cursed you before he died?

    Don't know about that. But it is true that Anonymous Zionist trolls are cursed by every sensible human being. And one day Zionism and Israel will become a small historical and shameful footnote.

  7. Anonymous

    You must be a very hard and cruel man Tony to be so proud that your family hates you to post my comments.

    A man without shame or pity or love for his family.

    You are a bitter twisted man. My sympathy is with your family.

    You must have made your parents suffer very much while they lived.

  8. Tony Greenstein

    I have reprinted a few comments by a neo-Nazi Zionist (no not all Zionists are fascists or neo-Nazis) who is quite pleased by the work of the JDL. Indeed he is quite pleased that oil is used to damage books rather than fire, no doubt it is quicker to dispose of more books that way than Goebbel's more ostentatious methods.

    This particular individual seems particularly warped as he is posting about a dozen hate messages a day.

    His last message purports to have sympathy for my parents while they were alive. Iàve news for him. Both my parents are still alive and my dadàs just celebrated his 97th birthday!

    But what is more interesting is the fact that his neo-Nazi fool resorts to libels about oneàs family. Most people accept that parents and children politically disagree. E.g. that utter wretch and scumbag, the torture supporting Foreign Secretary David Milliband had a father Ralph Milliband who was a fine socialist with whom I debated on more than one occasion. I don't hold it against David Milliband that his father is probably turning in his grave at the actions of his son. I judge his actions by the standard of universal morality.

    Zionists who believe in the politics of kith and kin, i.e. race, of course do believe that one should not wash oneàs dirty linen in public because, as has been said to me on more than one occasion, 'blood is thicker than water'. Such is the legacy that European anti-semitism left.


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