‘A Light Unto the Nations’ – Israel’s Contribution to Civilisation

‘A Light Unto the Nations’ – Israel’s Contribution to Civilisation









As people will be aware, the Nazi policy in areas they occupied was to murder 100 civilians for each military casualty. Below are some photographs that the BBC and the other mouthpieces of western civilisation have decided are too much for their delicate viewers to take in.

Tony Greenstein





  1. Dr Chis Burns-Cox

    Seeing these destroyed bodies induces a feeling of love and a yearning for the humans they were – a very sad love but what can be done with this feeling?
    Dr.Chris Burns-Cox

  2. Tony Greenstein

    I understand what you say Chris. It induces a deep sadness at the amorality of not just the Zionist state but those who act as its echo chamber in the West. The mouthpieces of imperialism in Sky and the BBC and all the rest who parrot phrases about a ‘war on terrorism’ when their main purpose is to excuse state terrorism.

    All we can do is to bring as much pressure to bear to stop these horrors.


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