Brighton Picket of BBC Southern Counties

Brighton Picket of BBC Southern Counties









Throughout the Israel’s War of Terror on Gaza, the BBC has remained a faithful and loyal lapdog of the British Foreign Office. It has never ceased to echo the argument of the pathetic and widely reviled David Miliband that it was Hamas that started the war.

It must therefore be an embarrassment to the BBC that Israel’s smooth and odious spokesman, Mark Regev, has finally admitted that Hamas did not break the ceasefire. For 18 days the Israeli Government has justified to the world their decision to unleash a massive military campaign against the people of Gaza by alleging that it was a reaction to Hamas’ breach of the ceasefire brokered by the Egyptian Government.

Hamas has always stated that between June 2008 and November 2008 they did not fire a single rocket into Israel . Now even Israel has owned up to the truth at last. We await an apology and retraction from the BBC for the lies of its reporters, in particular Jeremy Bowen in Israel, who has repeatedly described Israel’s genocide as a ‘reaction’ to the rockets of Hamas. Bowen has been particularly disgraceful and feels it’s more than his life is worth to challenge the PR lies of Israeli spokesperson Regev. On November 4th 2008 an Israeli incursion killed 6 Palestinians in Gaza. The pretext that they were planning to kidnap Israeli soldiers via a tunnel they were building has no credibility. There had been no previous attacks since June. Hamas had kept its word and that was the problem to Israel’s gung ho military and political leadership. They wanted to be rid of Hamas not have a ceasefire with them.

The only conclusion to be drawn is that the leaders of Israel wanted a war and were happy to see rockets hit their southern towns in order to provide a pretext. Bowen however starts off from the premise that the Israeli leaders can do no wrong and can tell no lies.

In Brighton today over 50 people attended a picket and the support from the public was absolutely amazing. We had printed 300 leaflets and so fast were we running out of them that we only handed them out to people who asked for one. We still ran out! Cars honked horns, workers on their lunch break joined us.


Below is the leaflet we gave out:

BBC – Complicit in Murder of Palestinians

Throughout Israel’s war against the Palestinians of Gaza, the BBC has been a faithful echo chamber for Israeli war propaganda. Israel has relied on the BBC in particular ‘to get its message across’

At no time has the BBC told the true story. Israel’s murderous attacks on the Palestinians have consistently been portrayed as a reaction to rockets fired from Gaza. Yet the opposite is true. Israel deliberately provoked the firing of rockets in order to provide a pretext for its barbaric bombing and invasion. Israel’s true intentions are to replace the elected government in Gaza with Palestinian stooges

During the 6th month ceasefire, on November 4th 2008, Israel launched an incursion into Gaza killing 6 Palestinians. This is never mentioned by the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. Before November 4th, since the ceasefire began at the end of June 2008, no rockets were fired by Hamas. It was only after Israel broke the ceasefire that rockets were launched.

The BBC continually fail to report that in breach of the ceasefire and international law Israel imposed a siege of Gaza, refusing to allow all but a trickle of food, medicines, fuel and other essentials in.

The BBC has failed to report that for 42 years Gaza has been under Israeli occupation and although its troops withdrew in 2005 Gaza was blockaded by air, land and sea. Fishermen and their boats were regularly fired on and killed. Just recently a boat containing doctors and medical supplies was rammed in international waters by Israeli gun boats. Gaza was transformed into an open air prison.

The BBC has continually downplayed Israeli war crimes, calling the attack on two United Nations schools ‘allegations’. It has consistently failed to report that Israel banned all journalists from Gaza for fear of the truth coming out.

It is little wonder that the media correspondent of the pro-Zionist Jewish Chronicle, Alex Brummer, on January 8th wrote:

‘Full marks in particular to the BBC’s Today programme… for trying to understand the hardships of Israeli communities in range of Hamas rocket fire. That is something new and very creditable.’

The BBC’s ‘understanding’ means equating Hamas rockets which killed 11 people in 3 years with the deaths of 3,000 Palestinians in the same period. That is ‘balance’ but it is a ‘balance’ which has enabled Israel to massacre women and children with impunity. The BBC’s coverage is literally complicity in murder and war crimes.

And on 31st December 2008, as Israel’s barbaric attacks on Gaza’s civilian population began, the Jewish Chronicle’s Anshel Pfeffer crowed that ‘Israel claims success in the PR war’

The BBC has never been friendly to the Palestinians but since the Government and George Bush have given 100% support to Israel’s attacks on the Palestinians, the BBC has followed suit, afraid of another Lord Hutton style confrontation with New Labour.

The Pictures the BBC Won’t Show – the Truth the BBC Dare Not Tell





  1. Pete McL

    Excellent stuff Tony. Will use some of it in a local leaflet we are producing in Rugby

  2. Master McGrath

    Well done!

  3. Tony Greenstein

    Yes there’s no copyright. Please take whatever you need from the site. I see that Israel’s bombed another UN facility. ‘collateral damage’ the Americans used to charmingly call it!

  4. joe90 kane

    Brilliant stuff TG!

    I was just saying
    to the undead that haunt Lenin’s Tomb blog, that the UN HQ in Gaza was targeted today, especially, because the UN Secretary General was arriving in the racist utopia.

    I watched Banki-Moon shaking hands with Olmert, and the rest of zionist pogromists, on UK Channel 4 News tonight and just realised the two attacks on the UN in Gaza was Israel’s way of saying “fuck you” to the rest of the world.

    I also noted that the last time the UN was deliberately targeted, in order to get them out of the way, was in Iraq over 5 years ago by Al Quaeda terrorist types.

    I asked JamieSW of The Heathlander blog to post a messege to the Media Lens Messege Board letting folks know of the picket of the BBC in Brighton –
    Brighton Picket of BBC Southern Counties

    BBC Scotland HQ in Glasgow is also being picketed – see the Media Lens Messege Board for details.

    all the best!

  5. joe90 kane

    Yes, the UN HQ was attacked twice today.

    I did mean to say that, just in case anyone thought the first Israeli attack was a mistake, then the second would definitely put any doubts out of their minds.

    This was a definite statement being made by Israel to outsiders.

  6. Master McGrath

    A picket of the main TV News centre at White City would be good… But I’m not sure you can actually picket that part of the complex?

  7. Tony Greenstein

    thanks Joe. Yes the analogy with Al Quaeda in Iraq came to my mind as well. But it’s also more sinister. They want to get anyone independent out of the way for a bloodbath.

    We have had a lot of very good comments about the blog and the hits have gone up ten fold!

  8. joe90 kane

    We have had a lot of very good comments about the blog and the hits have gone up ten fold!
    – That’s what happens when you are as erudite as yourself TG, as well as insightful and able to pick up on stuff that is overlooked, such as the parallels between bombing the UN in Iraq and in Gaza.

    I don’t need to mention your involvement at the local, national and international level Tony – second to none.
    A real inspiration and a motivation!

    Jon Snow on the UK Channel 4 News last night (7pm thurs 15 Jan) made the point to Isaac Herzog of the Israeli government, that the British military in Afghanistan have never once hit any UN offices or compounds. Yet Israel managed to do it twice on the same day.

    Some of the bods on the Media Lens Messege Board are saying that Israel attacks and bombardment get particularly heavy when the morning call to prayers is broadcast in Gaza.

    here are some images of the picket outside BBC Scotland HQ in Glasgow –
    15.01.2009 Gaza Protesting at the BBC
    Duncan Brown
    15 jan 2009

    Duncan also has more Palestine related images on his flickr account.

    all the best TG!

    Scum referring to ism-ers as ‘targets’ –
    Stop The ISM

  9. joe90 kane

    My apologies Master McGrath,
    but I can’t get that link to work.

    Could you re-send it.

    all the best!

    tip – when copying and pasting a link into comment box, remember to place the cursor at the end of the link and then press carriage return, otherwise some software won’t recognise it as a link and will regard it merely as a text string.


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