International Jewish Solidarity Network Holds First Public Meeting

International Jewish Solidarity Network Holds First Public Meeting









A packed meeting last night saw the setting up of the International Jewish Solidarity Network in Britain. Speakers included veteran Israeli anti-Zionist, Professor Moshe Machover and Hossam El-Hamalawy, and Egyptian journalist. It is gratifying to see the growth in the number of Jewish people taking a stand and coming out against Zionism and its murderous deeds. It gives the lie to the anti-Semitic Atzmon/Rizzo idea that to be Jewish and oppose Zionism is to be a Zionist!The International Jewish Solidarity Network (IJSN)
Invites you to its first public event
International Resistance to Zionism
In solidarity with 60-plus years of Palestinian resistance
to the founding of Israel
Friday 11 July 7-9.30pm
Trinity United Reformed Church, Buck St , London NW1
(near Camden tube) wheelchair accessible (accessible toilets nearby), refreshments
Speakers include: Hossam El-Hamalawy, Egyptian journalist, blogger and activist; Liliane Kaczerginski, IJSN member, based in Paris; Professor Moshe Machover, co-founder of Matzpen, an anti-Zionist Israeli organisation founded in 1962 and active until the 1980s; Daniel Machover, lawyer working to indict Israeli army officers for war crimes; Sue Blackwell, Birmingham University, prominent advocate of the academic boycott against Israel; Michael Kalmanovitz, IJSN UK; and others. Chair, Selma James, IJSN UK .

Presenters will give some of the history of the region and resistance to Zionism and share a range of initiatives against the Zionist state of Israel including the vital boycott / divestment / sanctions movement, followed by discussion.
For the past two years IJSN has been building an international network of anti-Zionist Jews to support existing and seed new Jewish anti-Zionist organizing in solidarity with Palestinian resistance. As with any other anti-imperialist struggle or struggle for social justice, working locally or even nationally is not enough. The enemy we face is international, and what we can do is limited unless we find ways to work together across boundaries and regions. We are building an international voice which challenges Zionism and its claim to speak on behalf of Jews worldwide. As an international force, we can contribute to the movement to defeat US-backed Israeli imperialism.
For more information: 07816 251 377




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    there;s a little bit of a natter about IJSN being had under my brief post on it here.

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