Can they Sink Any Lower – PHR-Israel issues public protest after its employee is unfairly interrogated and intimidated by the General Security Service

Can they Sink Any Lower – PHR-Israel issues public protest after its employee is unfairly interrogated and intimidated by the General Security Service









Physicians for Human Rights-Israel update 3.6.08

On Monday, May 26, Physicians for Human Rights sent a letter to the head of the GSS, Yuval Diskin, in which the heads of the organization protest the attempt by the General Security Service to harm the organization’s work and warn against the attempt to influence its policy and methods and intimidate a human rights organization. The letter was sent following the interrogation last week of Salah Haj Yehya, the organisation’s Clinics Director, by the GSS.

Haj Yehya, who has worked for PHR for 20 years, was summoned for an interrogation following PHR-Israel’s request to issue a doctors delegation to Gaza for the third time in the last six months to give medical aid and ascertain the health impact of ongoing Israeli policies in the Gaza Strip. Whereas all other members of the doctors’ delegation received permission to enter, the Clinics Director was told he was “denied entry on security grounds”. It should be noted that it was Haj Yehya who had organized and led the previous delegations to Gaza. In response to enquiries regarding the prohibition on his entry, the GSS claimed that PHR-Israel had exceeded its ‘mandate’ by engaging in ‘political’ affairs in the Gaza Strip besides its humanitarian activities.

On the evening of May 14 a police patrol car came to the home of the Clinics Director in Taybeh, Israel to summon him for investigation. The next day, he came to the Taybeh police station, assuming it was merely a mistake that could be clarified in the course of a conversation, because he was engaged in transparent and legal activities of the organization. However, during the interrogation, which took place on two levels — the personal and the organizational — it became clear that it was a matter of inappropriate interference by the GSS in a human rights organization’s activity.

The GSS investigated PHR-Israel’s Clinics Director about the organization’s activity, its budget, its donors, the rates of its salaries and asked for information about other workers in the organization. It also asked how the members of the organization enter the occupied territories, how the safety of participants is ensured and how they transfer patients from Gaza to Israel. Emphasis was placed on the question of whether representatives of the organization had met Ismail Haniya and why they had talked (during their last visit to Gaza) with the Palestinian Minister of Health and head of the parliament. “When the Clinics Director asked his interrogators whether, according to the definitions of the GSS, we were allowed to converse with the Minister of Health, who is both a political and a professional figure, the interrogator failed to answer, whether because he knew the demand to avoid political activity was not valid or because he preferred to maintain vagueness in order to create embarrassment in the organization,” said the letter.

On a personal level Haj Yehya was asked about his statements to the media and whether he was a member of the Islamic movement. Apart from the questioning, Haj Yehya was intimidated: he was presented with photographs of his house, and the GSS interrogator “Danny” reminded him that details of his personal life are known to them, including where each of the members of his family sleeps in his house, and where his children go to school.

The personal summons of an employee of PHR-Israel, who works according to the guidelines of the Board of the organization, the sending of a police vehicle to his home, the segregation of this worker, an Arab Israeli who is not a doctor, from more protected members of the organization who are both Jewish Israelis and doctors, and the threatening insinuations made in the course of the interrogation, all constitute an unprecedented attack on PHR-Israel in particular and on the principles of human rights in general, and there is no place for such practices in a law-abiding state and a democratic society,” said the letter.

Since the only reason given for the summonsing of our employee was his activity within the framework of our organization, we can only see the singling out and intimidation of one of our employees as completely unacceptable and illegal, since both this employee and the other doctors in the delegation to Gaza are engaged in identical activities, and act in accordance with the guidelines of the organization’s Board.

Since PHR-Israel’s letter, several other human rights organizations have expressed support and/or sent similar letters to the GSS, including Adva Center, Yesh Din, ACRI, B’Tselem, PCATI, Gisha and Adalah, as well as other international organizations.

On Thursday, 5.6.08, the Staff and Board of PHR-Israel will publish a signed declaration against this act of intimidation in Israeli daily newspaper “Haaretz”. (See PHR-Israel’s website for further details and a full translation of the letter:

For related article in Haaretz:

For further information: Libby Friedlander 00972 54-245-768




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  1. joe90

    Howdy AZvAS,
    on the subject of the Israeli Warsaw Ghetto of Gaza and medical help, here is a worthwhile notice for assistence from the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign website –
    Scottish medical supplies across Europe to Gaza: End the Siege
    ‘A Palestinian-Scottish couple are driving a ton and a half of urgently-needed medicines to Gaza on July 10th’

    Khalil Al Niss and Linda Willis will take a van loaded with 1.5 tons of medical supplies from Scotland to Gaza, leaving from the Scottish Parliament at noon on Thursday, July 10th and arriving at the Rafah crossing in Egypt on Tuesday, July 15th. They will drive their precious cargo across Europe and the Middle East to Egypt’s border with Gaza, where Israel’s US- and EU- backed siege is causing critical shortages of all medical supplies, needless deaths and immense suffering.

    all the best!


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