Zionists Resort to Anti-Semitism to Attack Signatories to Guardian Letter of 30 April 08

Zionists Resort to Anti-Semitism to Attack Signatories to Guardian Letter of 30 April 08









As has often been remarked, anti-Semitism and Zionism are twins of a kind. Both agree that Jews do not belong in the countries of their birth and where they live. As Herzl remarked in his Diaries (a goldmine as he didn’t expect them to be published):

‘I took a look at the Paris Jews and saw a family likeness in their faces: bold, misshapen noses, furtive and cunning eyes.’ [Complete Diaries of Theodore Herzl, p.11]

But as he explained:

‘In Paris …I achieved a freer attitude towards anti-Semitism, which I now began to understand historically and to pardon. Above all I recognise the emptiness and futility of trying to ‘combat’ anti-Semitism.’

It would be tedious to present a list of such statements from Herzl, Hess, Nordau, Klatzkin, Ruppin and all the other luminaries of Zionism. Suffice to say that most people believe that this alienation is a thing of the past. But is it?

Writing in the aftermath of the Lebanese invasion, Rabbi Yehudah Amital, Rosh Yeshiva of Har Etzion noted that:

The 3rd Fed Light came when some elements, especially the Religious Zionists, expressed satisfaction at the clear and open display of anti-Semitism which took shape during and after ‘Operation Peace for Galilee’ …It is felt that the more overt anti-Semitism becomes, the more beneficial it will prove for the Jews, because through anti-Semitism, the Jews of the Diaspora will come to the realisation that they must move to Eretz Yisrael.’

But what is a surprise, even to hardened anti-Zionists, is the racist hate mail that the Zionists are resorting to as a result of the letter in the Guardian by 105 British Jews. I received the following e-mail from Professor Chaim Bresheeth, an active supporter of the Boycott movement and a dedicated anti-racist. The very term ‘kike’ is about offensive and anti-Semitic as it gets. It’s no different from N***** or P*** as is symbolic of what courses through the veins of the dedicated Zionist activist – contempt for Jews who aren’t part of their nationalist project.

We had on the Azvsas blog a couple of deleted comments by an Abe Bird (original aren’t they!).

Abe Bird has left a new comment on your post “We’re not celebrating Israel’s anniversary – The G…“: There always were Jews who offended the Jewish people and cooperated with the Nazi Falsetinian Shiity garbage. They were called once: ‘Kapo’ (“Kameradenpolizei”). The Jews survived then and will survive now, and the self motivated “Kapes” will be doomed forever!We will not forget, nor forgive!!!!!

In fact Mr Bird has got it all wrong. The Kapos, those Jews in the concentration camps who were the ones who did the work of supervising the inmates, pushing people into the gas chambers and taking out the bodies etc. weren’t the real collaborators, since they clearly had no choice and were always killed off after 3 months. The real collaborators, and again they often had little choice, were the members of the Judenrat, a majority of whom were Zionists!!

Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 21:56:25 +0100Subject: [bricup] Hate mail

Dear friends,
I thought I shall share with you an experience, though not a particularly pleasant one, as it seems to point to a problem much discussed on the UCU activists list recently, namely anti-Semitism.

You may have seen the letters page in the Guardian yesterday, where 105 Jewish intellectuals of various fields of work have written, explaining why they will NOT be celebrating Israel’s 60 birthday (link below). I was one of the signatories to this letter.

As can be expected, I (and my signatory friends) have already received many mails on this topic, including much vile and especially loathsome threatening emails. Nothing new or unusual about this, unpleasant as it really is.

What I wanted to tell you is about the common line which this time seems to pull together the writers of those poorly-phrased, hate filled missives, in clear distinction to the past, at least in my own experience. It was indeed the deep anti-semitism which pervades those many messages, all written by Jews…

One of them tells me that: “You have always been a kike, and will stay a kike. Nothing will save you from to be a kike (sic)”. Grammar aside, this is a typical pronouncement, at least in the harvest which fell my way. The writers seem to resent the fact that we are not “standing up” for our country, and one writer called me a “traitor kike” for not writing “good articles about Israel, instead of the kike shit you publish”. Well, it all made me think about the deep roots of this type of anti-Semitism within Zionism. Herzl, the father of political Zionism, published an important key article in Die Welt, the Zionist journal he has founded and edited just about a century ago, about the Jew and the Kike. In it, he uses all the AS stereotyping which racist used against Jews, and says that actually this is the kike they are talking about, of course – the kike being the shameful, submissive Jew, who is trying in vein to achieve the impossible – integration into gentile society. The Jew, by which he means the Zionist, he tells us, is in contrast not bothering about integration, but about their own identity and their own state and society.

Now what is important about the article is not the appropriation of the German equivalent of kike, but the fact that Herzl accepts the tenets of anti-Semitism, but claims that it is only certain types of Jews who are prone to the shortcomings identified by racists – the kikes. To see this despicable tradition revived, and even the terminology adopted gave me a real shock. This is not simple nationalist disagreement with liberals and pacifists, buta internecine racist attack on Jews, because they are Jews of a certain type.

If to write the lines we did, one has to be a kike, then I am today a proud kike!






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