What an outrage. Jews 4 Jesus and other loonies support the settlers 100%. They have no problem with bombing and murdering Palestinians yet, despite this, they are the target of racists who also despise Christianity. It’s difficult to know whether to laugh or cry!! Instead of appreciating all the help and support that Christian Zionism gives them, the Jewish settler Zionists have taken to bombing Christians who seek to convert their brethren. What was that about sowing the seed and reaping the whirlwind?

Tony Greenstein

Last update – 21:03 24/03/2008

By Yair Ettinger, Haaretz Correspondent

Police and sappers were once again dispatched to Ariel’s IDF Street during the Purim holiday Friday morning. A few minutes earlier, a man had knocked on the door of the Leibovitz family home and left a cardboard box with the boy who answered the door. “It’s mishloach manot, a Purim gift basket,” explained the visitor before disappearing.

The boy and his older brother trembled with fear. Their parents, who were out of town, ordered the boys by phone to get away from the package and call the police. In another residential building, 50 meters away, a bomb planted in a Purim gift basket had exploded the day before.

“This is not hysteria; it is alertness,” police told the two boys after they finally opened the box to reveal candy and other treats from the ultra-Orthodox Chabad movement in honor of the holiday.

This is only one example of the tension that has gripped city residents after the booby-trapped gift basket injured a boy on Thursday. Those who were most frightened were members of a tiny, almost secretive community that operates in that Ariel building, among other sites in Israel; the “Messianic Jews.” The group had experienced occasional harassment in the form of hostile fliers and demonstrations against Christian missionary groups. But the police investigation into the explosion indicates that they now must also fear religious-based terror.

While sappers dismantled the Chabad package in the neighboring building, several members of the Messianic Jewish community were cleaning up the apartment where the bomb had gone off a day earlier: shattered windows, a splintered dining room table, holes in the walls and the ceiling, and dried blood stains. They refused to speak to the press, and only one person agreed, despite his friends’ protests, to permit Haaretz to enter the scene of a crime motivated by untold loathing.

“The same people who hounded that family might find me tomorrow,” one man said, describing his fear and reluctance to be identified. He comes to this home weekly to meet and pray with about 20 other men and women. Most are from the United States, but some are from the former Soviet Union and others, like the man who spoke to us, are native Israelis. He said he was a member of several religious cults before he “saw the light” while reading the New Testament seven years ago.

Only half of the local community is from Ariel, he said, adding that there are a few thousand Messianic Jews in Israel who “believe in the Torah of Israel and the God of Israel, and that Jesus, who was a Jew, had no intention of creating a new religion. We accept Jesus as the Messiah. We accept the Old Testament and the New Testament as its continuation.”

The parents of the boy who was wounded in the explosion immigrated to Israel under the Law of Return; as Jews; before they founded the congregation in Ariel. The congregation meets weekly on the two upper floors of a typical residential building. But surveillance cameras, installed two years ago after antagonistic fliers were distributed in the area, bear witness to the threat the members feel. The family that received the bomb in a gift basket lives in one wing of the complex. Another wing, which has a wooden floor, plastic chairs and tables, and locked shutters, is dedicated to the group’s weekly meetings. A wall hanging embroidered with the phrase “Peace in Israel” is flanked by a bulletin board and a schedule of events.

“The events that take place here are not underground; it’s an open thing,” the speaker explained.

Is it a mission?

“That depends on the nature of the people involved. Some tend to tell others about their beliefs, and others don’t. I think it’s very positive to tell, but I can’t persuade you to accept our belief. This is an intimate, family place.”

“As a congregation, it was nice to remain anonymous until now. But here you can see how many people hate and fear us,” he said. “We are not a cult. We see ourselves as law-observing Jews and Israelis. One of our most important values is loyalty to the state of Israel, obeying the law and serving in the army. Many congregation members, including the brother of the boy who was hurt, serve in elite combat units.”

The Ariel congregation had intended to celebrate Purim on Saturday, the day of their weekly meeting. Instead, they held a prayer service at the Schneider Children’s Medical Center, where the wounded boy is hospitalized. “People from other congregations came and brought food. We sang and prayed together. While this is very difficult and unpleasant, hardships strengthen and unite people. It strengthens the parents to continue fearlessly. We told them that hate is vanquished by love.”





  1. Tony Greenstein

    Yes a Boycott is probably one of the best ways one can demonstrate one is against racism!

  2. Anonymous

    Funny that the eminent barristers think that the boycott itself is in breach of the Race Relations Act.

    Those that promote a boycott are encouraging racism. Both the Nazis and the boycotters want to boycott Jews. They have something in common. Jews that support the boycott are simply collaborators with evil.They are worse than the Judenrat as the Judenrat did not really have any choice.

  3. joe90

    Associating Jewish people with the Israeli regime and its crimes is what I’d expect of antisemites.

    Just like Judenrats, how many Jewish folk get to vote for the Israeli government of their choice?

    The Israeli government isn’t very representative at all of the opinions of Jewish people the world over is it?

    They are worse than the Judenrat as the Judenrat did not really have any choice.
    Fancy that – Jewish people get the collective blame and guilt of crimes committed by the Israeli government which claims it does what it does because it is Jewish, and does what it does on behalf of Jewish People everywhere, but none of these Jewish people have much if any influence in the Israeli government’s racist criminal behaviour.

    Blaming Jewish people collectively for the crimes of an unelected few is the mark of an antisemitism, especially nazism.

  4. Anonymous

    Tony Greenstein and joe90 v Michael J Beloff QC and Pushpinder Saini. It really isn’t a tough call is it?

  5. joe90

    One of the objections to the UCU boycotting educational institutions of Israel is that it is racist?

    Since when did zionism count as an ethnicity or race?

    Just shows how close zionism is to other phoney ideological constructions built around ‘ethnicity’ such as nazism and its baloney about ‘Germanic’ people.

  6. Tony Greenstein

    There is never any difficulty getting a legal brief to agree with what one’s opinions are. You just let counsel know what you want and s/he does the rest. Beloff is already known for his Zionist viewpoint so having an Asian there is just typical tokenism.

    But the more important point is the right of trade unions to debate their policies and act accordingly without intereference from the state or judiciary.

    I seem to remember that, although he was later overruled, Lord Denning also outlawed the postal boycott of South Africa. Clearly the Zionists and Apartheid supporters agree on a lot!

    Tony Greenstein


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