Picket of the Jewish National Fund

Picket of the Jewish National Fund









Last night activists from Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Jews 4 Boycotting Israeli Goods and sympathisers picketted a reception at Windsor Castle for the racist and apartheid Jewish National Fund.

It was interesting to see the cream of the Zionist establishment, all done up in their finest and best, arriving in their cars and finery। Interestingly the most popular car was from Mercedes Benz. Presumably the assorted members of the Jewish and Zionist establishment have forgiven German capitalism for its use of Jewish and non-Jewish slave labour during the war! After all racists have to make common cause.
Unfortunately the Duke of Edinburgh was unable to attend owing to his recent illness!! Which was a great pity as he could have regaled the assorted guests with a few Jewish jokes from his vast racist repertoire!
And speaking of racists making common cause, according to Gilad Atzmon and his fellow freaks Mary Rizzo, Shamir & co। by the very act of demonstrating against the JNF we were showing our devotion to Zionism!!!
Below are some photos kindly supplied by Brian Robinson.





  1. Anonymous

    The 8th pic down depicts 5 Jews standing in a field. They hold a banner reads ‘It’s Kosher to Boycott Israeli Goods.’ How is it possible for you to endorse such a slogan & then accuse Atzmon of judifing the anti-zio movement? It’s bonkers.

    And Tony, I’m not 100% sure, but is that a chicken on the bottom left of the picture? It looks nervous which I can understand. I mean if it’s an Israeli chicken, then it’s safe obviously, but if it’s a Diaspora chicken it could be slung into boiling pot of matzo balls before we can say ‘Charlie Pottins! Have mercy on our aesthetic rights & get a make-over!’

  2. joe90

    How is it possible for you to endorse such a slogan & then accuse Atzmon of judifing the anti-zio movement? It’s bonkers.
    – I don’t think I have ever come across anyone accusing atzmon of trying to judify the ‘anti-zio movement’.

    Banners such as the one that offends this antisemite serve a useful purpose of more easily identifying racists like them.

    There should be more such banners within the PSC as far as I’m concerned – if any antisemitic lovers of zionism don’t like it, then at least we’ll know who they are and get rid of them.

    Shove their antisemitic zionist-loving racist faces in it, is what I say!

    The 8th pic down depicts 5 Jews standing in a field
    – They better known as amd more accurately referred to as anti-zionist anti-JNF protesters. People who took the time out to try and help others who can’t help themselves,
    ie the victims of the JNF and Israeli state sponsored racism.

  3. Tony Greenstein

    I think our anonymous anti-Semite needs to get his eyes tested if he’s seeing chickens!

    As Joe has alread said, I have never accused Atzmon of ‘judifying’ the anti-Zionist movement. Quite the contrary it is Atzmon’s obsession with ‘deJudifying’ it that is the problem. But racists rarely understand such subtleties.

    And as for saying it is ‘kosher to boycott Israeli goods’ presumably our anti-Semite also lacks a sense of humour (unsurprisingly). ‘Kosher’ in popular parlance means something good, to be approved etc. All it’s saying is that it is a good thing for Jewish people to boycott Israeli goods. Does our anti-Semite have a problem with that?

  4. joe90

    [sorry for all the deleted comments but I have had some probs with blogger.com software]

    Here we go again, the old antisemite conundrum neo-nazis have still been unable to reconcile after all these years –
    1 – Jews live in ghettos and are cliquey (also this is a sign of their unpopularity)

    2 – Jews rule the world as the so-called ‘pro-Jewish’ lobby own and control the American government. Jews are also out to take over the PSM as well, don’t forget (having taken over the American Establishment you’d think the PSM would be a piece of cake to them – and no wonder Jews are so unpopular)

    Which of these 2 is true I wonder – Jews keep themselves to themselves or they control the world?

    A sub-theme of these stale old antisemite saws, is that these unpopular cliquey Jewish-types are ‘gatekeepers’ who prevent people from properly expressing themselves in public. However, this particular ‘anonymous’ empty non-entity person doesn’t believe this is true, given all the evidence they have provided about how popular the rizzo and atzmon racist bandwagon is, and how tiny and unpopular the Jewish clique appears to be.
    If these Jewish-types are trying to be ‘gatekeepers’ then they are pretty crap at it – maybe its because they don’t get out of their ghettos enough.

    Empty non-entity equates the supposedly ‘celebrity popularity status’ of rizzo and atzmon with the goals of a solidarity campaign. Exploiting the suffering of weak defenceless people as a vehicle to peddle antisemitic neo-nazi propaganda is nothing to boast about.

    Just for instance –
    – if atzmon is so popular, how much damage has he done to the most successful initiative in recent years by his criticing as ‘book-burning’ (atzmon just can’t resist jew-baiting ie references to the Spanish Inquisition and the Nazis) the Academic Boycott of the Palestine-BDS campaign?
    Surely if giladeo-centric atzmon was that popular then the Palestine-BDS academic boycott should be a flop?

    Just for instance –
    – scratch an antisemite and you’ll find a zionist underneath and vice-versa, so how much damage does atzmon and rizzos widely publicised and popularised version of antisemitism do?

    As for popularity itself, personally speaking, I couldn’t care less for it, especially as going up against the interests of the Western Establishment isn’t a strategy that is known to lead to popularity.

    Also, as solidarity starts at home and I live in the UK I tend to concentrate on the UK and more especially on my home turf of bonnie Scotland. It would be nice to get my views translated into Arabic but, like publicity for my ego and cultivating the popularity of the masses, I see this as secondary really, and in many ways, counter-productive when it comes to my involvement in solidarity, peace, justice and equality.

    Waiting on heroes and leaders to appear to lead us all, is usually not a very good idea and complete waste of time. Best to get on quietly and without fuss and do the work it takes to get justice in this world for oppressed folks – work such as anti-JNF protesting outside the heart of the British Establishment at Windsor Castle.

    And I take issue with anonymous ono-entity describing Atzmon and Rizzo as ‘pro-Palestinian’ – they’re not.
    As they’re antismites that automatically makes them both pro-zionist, and antithetical to solidarity issues to do with peace, justice and truth for both Palestine and Israel.

    Greenstein should come to terms with his wound and think about the 300 Palestinian activists who told him to f*ck off…because it’s becoming clear that we may have to do so again, and next time in less polite terms!
    – Threatening people who are part of a solidarity campaign devoted to peace and justice for all is a disgrace.

    Of course it goes without saying, that empty non-entity could be anybody just out to stir up trouble.

    ..35 elders..
    – You are a racist so you have no place in the Palestinian solidarity campaign so its no wonder you choose to remain anonymous. Racist usually are cowards in many ways I’ve found.

    Presumably then, being a racist, you signed the petion of vanity to rizzos and atzmons ego. No wonder you don’t want people to know who you are – tells us all we have to know about the integrity of people like you, that you are so proud of your own views you have to hide (while threatening others).

  5. joe90

    When was the last time Greenstein, Elf, Rosen or Rance were translated into Arabic?
    – I would have thought that Arabic readers would be the last people on earth who needed to be told anything about the plight of Palestinians.

    This sounds like a waste of time and energy, telling people what they already know. Unless of course, atzmon and rizzo aren’t interested in solidarity but only interested in promoting their own egos, their own antisemitic agenda and creating their own faction.

    Real solidarity work begins at home, not abroad.
    We in the West are especially responsible for helping Palestinians because the crimes committed against them don’t originate in the West Bank or Gaza – the real crimes against them take place in Washington and London.

    Mind you, you seem to be saying that atzmon and rizzo are trying to tell Arabs what they should be thinking – that would mean they’re being ‘gatekeepers’.

    So what is it that atzmon and rizzo are popularising amongst their ignorant Arab readers that’s so novel and so important, apart from their antisemitic pro-zionist neo-nazi propaganda?
    Accusing Arab readers of being partial to neo-nazi propaganda is quite a slur on their good name.
    The Tel Aviv regime will just be lapping this stuff up.

    In fact, when is the last time that Greenstein and his tribe were actually even published outside of the Judeosphere?
    – Apart from the usual antisemitic racism, I suppose if Tony Greenstein was being as super-duper popular as you claim rizzo and atzmon are, then you’d be accusing him of being a ‘gatekeeper’.

    PeacePalestine’s publications have been circulated to literally MILLIONS of READERS around the world….Greenstein should…think about the 300 Palestinian activists who told him to f*ck off…
    – That’s quite a big fall-off in popularity, from millions to just 300, in the space of a mere two sentences.

    When just 35 people come to an Atzmon gig, it’s probable that Gilad will have the humility to retire from the stage and write his memoirs…
    – I fail to see an argument here about Palestinians and their plight. All I see is the pain and suffering of Palestinians being exploited in order to massage the ego of an antisemitic balloon who plays music for a living.

  6. Tony Greenstein

    Joe’s really said it all!! It seems Cutter Rizzo and Atzmon prefer anonymity these days, and who can blame them.

    As it happens many of my writings have been translated into Arabic but I’m not such an egotist as to keep track. And more to the point, what I write is quoted in academic books and journals. Who quotes what Atzmon writes since it’s all dense and turgid, with the meaning hidden in order that people can’t quite work out what he is saying!

    It’s interesting that Mary is putting a spin on what 300 people (not many really is it?) have put on a petition. Since all those I’ve contacted either didn’t understand what the petition was about or couldn’t even remember if they’d signed it I guess that instead of writing petitions to defend her ‘outstanding personality’ Mary & Gilad should be doing something more useful.

    Or better still. Why don’t we open up a competition to see what useful things Gilad & co. could do (apart from the obvious!).


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