Palestine solidarity and anti-semitism – The Zionism of Atzmon

Palestine solidarity and anti-semitism – The Zionism of Atzmon









Gilad Atzmon and his fellow anti-Semites may rant against Israel but he shares a good deal of common ground with the Zionists

An article on the Zionist origins and politics of the Atzmon current in the Palestine solidarity movement.

Tony Greenstein





  1. joe90

    – this is just a form of empty abuse. I quite agree with Tony in his article.

    If you notice that Mary Rizzo, for instance, denigrates the work of others by comparing their circulation and popularity etc, with her own blog and her own work on the internet.

    Mary wants us to believe such ‘gatekeepers’ exist but according to her own repeated evidence they don’t seem to be that effective at all, to say the least, given Mary’s own evidence that she is indeed a very popular celebrity-type outstanding personality on the internet (just for instance).

    In fact, they don’t even seem to exist.

    ‘gatkeeping’ sounds like jsut another paranoid anti-Jewish Rizzo-atzmon fantasy.

  2. joe90

    I see Tony Greenstein’s article has managed to evade the antisemite gatekeepers over at the Cork database –
    Palestine solidarity and anti-semitism

    Thankfully, we’re spared the usual commentary telling us what we should be thinking, but we’re also spared a fullsome abstract of TG’s article as well –
    – unlike the royal treatment which is always accorded anti-Jewish pro-zionist articles by atzmon.

    Maybe the Cork database might want to record Mary Rizzo’s comments, attached to the following article on this very blog, which have to be read to be believed –
    Atzmon & Rizzo’s Petition – Signatories are Forged
    Wednesday, 19 March 2008

    After all these, are two outstanding personlities and really should be appreciated in togetherness.


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