Atzmon Posts Articles to The Radical Press – an openly anti-Semitic holocaust denial site

Atzmon Posts Articles to The Radical Press – an openly anti-Semitic holocaust denial site









You would be hard pushed to find a more virulently anti-Semitic site than The Radical Press of Canada. Jewish conspiracy theories ooze from every pore.

There is for example Brother Daniel’s incisive article entitled (what else?!)
By Brother Nathanael KapnerBrother Nathanael [email protected]
AMERICA IS NOW A JEW-RUN NATION. Here is a list of the prominent Jews who run America:

I’ll skip the list but I think you’ll get the message.

Elsewhere we learn that ‘Judaism is a “chameleon” culture/religion. It “becomes” whatever is necessary in order to deceive and trick non-Jews’

Or take another of the endless articles about Jews:

Hate and Endless Anathemas Upon All Our Goyim Heads
By Patrick Grimm
February 16, 2008
From this tome of wisdom and wit we learn that
‘As much as Jews try to pretend they subscribe to a “free to be you and me” type of multi-culti Kumbayah group-hugging Politics of Meaning, this is only a façade, a mugging for the cameras, to obscure the deep and abiding unspoken hate and endless anathemas they daily declare upon ALL of our Goyim heads. As an escapee from the Jewish prison cult of haughty, hooked-sixer-schnozzed personalities, Israel Shamir explains, Jews see non-Jews as “children of a lesser God.” In other words, we are throwaways, we are urchins and ratty ragamuffins…. Understand one thing. Jews have not been victimized more than non-Jews. They just own all the newspapers so that they are able to tell the world if one of their own gets a paper cut or nicks himself with a knife and blames it on a Muslim or spray-paints a swastika on a Jew’s headstone or leaves a ZOG on a Jew day center and pins it on the nearest white person, and God help that Caucasian if he is racially aware. But be that as it may, any anti-Jewish action will be blamed on the Other, always, even after it has been discovered to have been staged.’

And in case this is not enough, then there is plenty more of this fare. There are articles about anti-Semitism, Jewish Porn Industry, Jewish Lobby, Jews Behind Bolshevik Revolution, Alternative Media, Zionist Jews in Russia, Germany, Jews, Ernst Zundel, Jewish Banking Cartel, Jewish Holocaust Industry, Human Rights/orgs, Israel Shamir/writer, B’nai Brith, Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Jewish Media Monopoly, Canadian Jewish Congress, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

What is interesting is that the site quotes from Israel Shamir. Apart from being an open holocaust denier (Israel Shamir denies that Auschwitz was an extermination, it was merely an ‘internment camp’) he has also come out as a supporter of paedophillia in an article defending Catholic priests who abuse children in their care. Darkness from the West. Note the following disgusting and obscene comments.

‘I do not feel sorry for these late claimants. Why did they wait for 20 years? If a boy or a girl is being attacked, he or she may scream and run to parents or to police. If they did not do it, just forget it. Consider it a clumsy pass, an unpleasant experience, a result of misunderstanding. Blame yourself for indecisiveness. Proceed with your life. Join mankind: every one of us, even your mommy and daddy, suffered an unwanted kiss or an undesired embrace. The laws should be reasonable, – allowing 20-year old claims for such events is not reasonable. Only an immediate complaint should be considered valid, and 24 hours is as long as should be allowed, in some extreme cases.’

So a child, who may feel shame, embarrassment, guilt or simply not understand what is happening to him/her, who does not report abuse within 24 hours should be ignored. Shamir makes it clear, in his own words, that ‘I do not feel sorry for these late claimants’. And that is true. He feels sorry for the perpetrators – the abusers. The British House of Lords has just ruled that a woman who was a victim of rape 20 years ago can sue because it, being a civilised body, understands why victims of abuse often take years to report what has happened.

And what does this creature Shamir write?

‘The Americans over-simplify the question of sex with minors, when they present it as something monstrous. This is not so…. The Americans and the Brits invented a silly concept of “statutory rape” as if a state prosecutor knows better than boys and girls what they want… ‘

Of course Shamir is not only an anti-Semite but a supporter of the most racist Zionist party of all, Yisrael Beteinu. And why? Because it is Russian like himself!! Seriously, a party whose leader Avigdor Liebermann openly supports transfer of the Palestinians and called for the execution of Arab Israeli MKs is apparently the ‘least racist’ of Israeli Zionist parties!

‘As a matter of fact, the YB is the least Jewish nationalist party in the Knesset outside the Arab block, as it is the party of the Russian, heavily non-Jewish community in Israel.’

Israel Beiteinu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman called for the execution of any Arab MKs who meet with representatives of the Palestinian Authority’s Hamas-led government during a speech delivered to the Knesset plenum on Thursday.

“World War II ended with the Nurenberg trials,” Lieberman said. “The heads of the Nazi regime, along with their collaborators, were executed. I hope this will be the fate of the collaborators in [the Knesset].” 4.5.06.

Now Mary Rizzo, Atzmon’s lapdog naturally defended The Radical Press when it put its name to the petition that Rizzo and Atzmon drew up complaining that I had unfairly criticised them (all criticism by definition is unfair according to these two):

Post 242
‘THIS is what I wrote in support of Radical Press:Jan 17, 2008
Dear Editor,
The issue of peace in the Middle East is far too important for anyone to attempt to think it can only be dealt with between other “more important” issues such as sporting events and what Paris Hilton is doing these days. Yet, I do understand (as I am a journalist myself) that people do like to read things they already agree with that don’t challenge anything they think they already know, and especially, they don’t get encouraged to think out of the box.
At any rate, The Radical Press presents thought-provoking and intelligent information and analysis. It is absolutely NOT anti-Semitic, but many who might not agree with its harsh critique on Israel might try to label it as such, so that people will create confusion between the two, and things never change.
I hope you realise that it is a valuable resource, and any campaigning made to insinuate that it is a racist site is not at all accurate.’
Mary Rizzo
Uh… where do I endorse Anti-Semitism Goodwind?

When it was pointed out to Rizzo that even by her definition, The Radical Press was anti-Semitic, she began to backtrack:

‘The Radical Press had come under pressure by some people who wanted it to be closed down. Knowing who most of these people are, it was easy enough for me to assume they were considering things in a way that was jaundiced. It was odd that it was Anti-Zionist Jews doing it, not Zionists…’

Why is it odd that anti-Zionists criticise a racist site? If you oppose Zionism shouldn’t you oppose all racism? Rizzo however was in a tight corner.

‘This happens far too often for me to believe it is simply accidental.’

It’s a conspiracy theory in other words.

‘The Radical Press explained to me that they were an anti-Zionist site and that they were dedicated to the Palestinian cause. So, I went to the site, took a look, not deeply, basically into a few issues on Palestine that were good, because I don’t have all the time Tony, andy and Goodwin have, and it looked fine to me…. I defend the rights of bloggers dedicated to the Palestinian cause to do what they do, who come under attack far too often. If they are being forced to change because of pressure, I will defend them to NOT have to endure pressure. I don’t see Tony running around to close ZIONIST blogs and sites, not in the slightest, so I am not going to campaign to have Pro-Palestinian ones shut down…. Why should I feel ashamed to defend an editor in a site? I can’t vouch for the entire site, and why should I? Who am I, the thought police? I can find Brother Kapner’s article a total piece of shite, and it probably is, but I am not about to waste time to investigate every article on Jews, nor read them because someone wants me to express some opinion. It simply is not that interesting to me. I look at the value of a site in how they are able to express the Palestinian cause as being the result of Zionism and of the lack of awareness as to what Zionism is. I am not going to delve into the rest, because my time is limited.
Comment by thecutter — 12 February, 2008 @ 7:08 pm

In fact I haven’t tried to close any sites down, although I’d be quite happy to close down both holocaust denial and Zionist sites which print this racist rubbish. All I was doing was to point out how vile this signatory to the Rizzo/Atzmon petition was and how strange that Rizzo sees them as supporters of the Palestinians and jumps into bed with them. However even Rizzo, who is not the world’s brightest spark, knew she was on a loser and was forced to eat some humble pie.

‘In fact, now you can dance around claiming victory because I tell you I didn’t read the whole site and my views were expressed on the articles that are relevant to Zionism and Israel, which is what I am interested in. If there are things that are questionable, I regret that I defended a site I do not know like the pockets of my jeans, knowing that anything and everything will be used by those trying to attack me who have nothing to do all day but plug my name in on Google. It is tiring being stalked guys, you can stop now, unless you think this is political activism. I think it is sick in the head and deranged….’

[And more self-pity by the poster of more anti-Semitic nonsense than one can keep up with]
Comment by thecutter — 12 February, 2008 @ 10:42 pm

But the point is that even Mary Rizzo has her limits. Even she can recognise that there are some sites beyond the pale. She therefore, belatedly, removed the Radical Press from the list of signatories to the Petition that she and Atzmon drew up supporting themselves against the persecution of anti-Zionists, and which she got a couple of Palestinians to front. She even removed a link to David Duke of the KKK’s ‘nowars’ site.

But Atzmon is made of sterner stuff. Having now come out as a holocaust denier he is deliberately posting to The Radical Press. And why not? After all he is on record as stating that
‘Because ‘antisemite’ is an empty signifier, no one actually can be an antisemite and this includes me of course.’
And if there is no such thing as anti-Semitism then how can The Radical Press be anti-Semitic? Indeed how can anyone, from Paul Eisen to Israel Shamir to Horst Mahler and David Duke be anti-Semitic? Clearly noone can.
Therefore it is no surprise to see the following on the RFP site:

Gilad Atzmon – The Primacy of the Ear
Thursday, January 10th, 2008
[Thanks to Gilad for sending along this wonderful article. Ed.]
——Gilad Atzmon – The Primacy of the Ear

Chief rabbi thanks Bush for ‘war against Iraq’
Thursday, January 10th, 2008
[Thanks to Gilad Atzmon [email protected] for sending this along. Ed.]

It is touching to see The Radical Press acknowledging that for all Rizzo’s previous guff about not linking to Holocaust denial sites, Atzmon actually posts his drivel to them!

Tony Greenstein





  1. AZvsAS

    You just can’t make moronity like that up.

    Thank you so much for dropping by and taking a shit on our doorstep and proving that most racists are mentally deficient.

  2. azvsas

    Our mystery commentator (I just can’t imagine who that may be) seems very annoyed at our publishing details of those contributions to sites like that Radical Press of Canada.

    But you will note, not righteous enough to take us to task about what is written.

  3. azvsas

    What can we say. Sewage workers have to chase other people’s shit down sewers.

    Be sure to let us know when we start posting to the KKK and the Radical Press.

  4. Anonymous

    azvsas said…
    …Be sure to let us know when we start posting to the KKK and the Radical Press.

    You’re LINKING to them, Tony, that’s bad enough. It’s simply not acceptable! A direct link to Radical Press and another direct link to the site of David Duke himself. What are you playing at? Do you think people don’t notice this hypocracy, when neither Atzmon’s site nor Rizzo’s has links to those hate sites, or any others.

    Now about your constant innuendo’s that Atzmon posts his articles to sites such as the ones you link to…Your writing has a very limited readership Tony, not to put too fine a point on it. Atzmon’s articles are published by hundreds of sites and read by thousands of people. He doesn’t have to post anything anywhere, his writing travels like wild fire.

    The long and the short of it is that this site is linking to white supremacist sites while accusing others of doing that, a complete lie.

    Have you no shame or dignity?

  5. AZvsAS

    Shock horror: anti-racists cite racist material critically in material against racism!

    Shock horror: policemen associate themselves with criminals in an investigation!

    Shock horror: sewage workers get shit on their boots!

    Shock horror: researchers cite primary data!

    You may want to turn to your dictionary an look up the verbs “reference” and “endorse”.

  6. azvsas

    Here’s another link to a racist site you might enjoy:

    What was that you were saying about Atzmon not needing to actively post on these places?

    And that’s a lovely professional publicity shot on the KKK Duke site. Did Mr KKK Duke just happen to trip over it on the Internet or was he supplied with it on request, I wonder?

  7. azvsas

    Oh and by the way, Rizzo did remove links to KKK’s NO War for Israel and the Radical Press, but only after we published the details.

    There are still some dodgy links on that site, but it seems that you can’t differential between racism and anti-racism so I wont hold my breath if you try to find them.

  8. Anonymous

    Lots of words from you to justify repeated links to David Duke and the like. Yet you justify nothing. You know full well what you’re doing after your exhaustive reading of these sites, unlike Mary Rizzo, who, as soon as she became aware that the anti-war site was registerered in Duke’s name (not obvious at all if one just visits it) removed the link, as she did with the Radical Press. Unlike you, she does not have the time to go through every one of the links on PeacePalestine with a fine toothcomb to play policeman, and was genuinely unaware of some of the content on RP and who anti-war belonged to. UNLIKE YOU, she immediately removed those links.

    For someone who’s always accusing other people of something, you should be more careful about keeping your own back yard a little cleaner.

    But then there’s always been a lot of dirt in your past, not so, why would we expect the present to be any different?!!!

  9. azvsas

    My, this is being savaged by a dead sheep.

    There is no hypocrisy in quoting racism as part of anti-racist research.

    To do otherwise would be to do no research at all. Would you expect cancer researchers to ban the claims of the tobacco companies from a study of them?

    Would you expect there to be a court case where no evidence was produced?

    Seems like you really don’t want anyone research those sites.

    Quotation is not endorsement. Uncritical linking to material is endorsement. Endorsement is endorsement.

    You are quite pathetic.

  10. Anonymous

    One question then for our esteemed, ethical friend, Tony. Did you or not you not post to Ziopedia, your inflamed response (under the title, Countering the Counterpuncher, which Counterpunch refused to publish) to the article Who’s Afraid of Gilad Atzmon?

    A very basic reveals that Ziopedia published your article, and has as well published your pal, Lenni Brenner. Do you guys actively send your stuff to Andrew Winkler?

    If the answer is YES, perhaps you could explain why, for the edification of “our readers” (other than sheer desperation to get published SOMEWHERE, anywhere!).

    If the answer is NO, can you tell us what you and Lenni are doing there??? If it wasn’t “part of anti-racist research”, why didn’t you write and ask them to remove your article?

    Do you endorse everything that’s written in Ziopedia?

  11. Anonymous

    Oh, I don’t think you’re so dense that you’re missing the point being made here, dear comrade Tony. Gilad has said more than once that he believes in free speech. He’s never demanded that you and your cohorts stop linking to neo-nazi sites, let alone posting actively to them. He doesn’t believe in playing policeman on the internet. You are the one who has been demanding that links are removed etc. Don’t get mixed up now, dear old Tony.

    To repeat, he’s not the one acting like the thought police, you ARE, as this particular article attests to.

    Now, you claim to have a major bone to pick with Atzmon on the basis that this Duke character happens to print some of his writings, which are circulated free of charge in the public domain, giving permission for reprinting. Presumably your condemnation of Atzmon on these grounds would apply to anyone whose writings are reprinted by Duke, and also Israel Shamir, is that correct, who you and Maccoby feel should be excluded from all discourse because of his “anti-semitism”. Is that correct?

    How then do you explain your appearance on this list of writers to which Shamir not only links to, but also quotes extensively from? We might ask Deborah Maccoby the same question. Shamir gives cross-links to your piece in full, and includes quite a bit of text, here’s just a taster… (BTW, did either you or Maccoby write to him demanding that references and quotes of your writing be removed??)
    By Tony Greenstein
    Why Palestinian Solidarity Activists Must Reject Anti-Semitism

    A Reply to Mary Rizzo’s Who’s Afraid of Gilad Atzmon

    Readers of Counterpunch must have been surprised by the heavily personalised attack by Mary Rizzo (June 17th) on someone 99.99% of them have never heard of. Why this venom over a picket of a small meeting in the SWP’s bookshop in London? Unfortunately those reading the article would have been none the wiser.

    Today the Zionist movement regularly accuses its opponents of ‘anti-Semitism’. In what is a new phenomenon, there has grown up a small group of people, based around a certain Israel Shamir, who have said ‘yes’ ‘if you call us anti-Semites, then there must be nothing wrong with anti-Semitism’. The phenomenon of a section of the oppressed adopting the ideological framework of the oppressor is nothing new. It is a characteristic of separatist movements….. blah blah blah
    and here Shamir quotes Maccoby (by your own definition, should we accuse her being an anti-semite now???)
    Defaming Pro-Palestinian Jewish Groups: Reply To Atzmon, By: Deborah Maccoby

    Not content with calling the noted anti-Zionist Tony Greenstein and the whole of Jews Against Zionism “undercover Zionist agents”, Atzmon, in his “Protocols of the Elders of London” piece, dubbed me “The Queen of the Shtetl”. He awarded me this title because I had been expressing great concern about a organisation called Deir Yassin Remembered, which has fallen under the influence of the Israeli journalist Israel Shamir, who has been exposed over and over again as a fascist and antisemite. Shamir has joined the Board of Advisers of DYR. …… ad nauseum…

  12. Anonymous

    jaqeaqkTony: Surely you can’t mean the same Ziopedia that carries the work of Gilad Atzmon…

    Indeed I do…it was one of many many sites which published his piece, yes “off their own backs”, and made you the laughing stock of the entire internet. As you may recall, Atzmon’s piece appeared on every major Palestinian site as well.

    However, people didn’t want to touch your inflamed response with a barge-pole, if you remember correctly, so it didn’t get much coverage except for Sue Blackwell, Ziopedia and Shamir’s site. Or maybe you can supply us with links to all the sites who “published it off their own backs”, and another list of all those sites which you actively lobbied to publish, and who refused to do so!

    Now onto other things, is it true that you actively posted your latest assault on Shamir to a site specialising in stuffed toys…. (yes, dear readers, we kid you not 🙂

    and can you tell us more about this toy fetish of yours which has reared its ugly head in the past so many times?

  13. Anonymous

    tee hee maybe Tony’s appearance on the teddy bear site is a weak attempt at islamophobic satire (we all know how much he hates Hamas). But to poke fun at the Sudanese people and the hapless Gibbons woman is taking it a bit far, Tony!!

  14. tony greenstein

    Mary Rizzo, for it is she, asks if I posted to a site called Ziopedia.
    Answer: I didn’t even know there was such a site before Mary mentioned it!! I have no control, not least on the web, over what people print about or by me.

    BUT what I do not do is request anti-Semitic and holocaust denial sites, the ones Rizzo praises to the sky, to put my pieces up like Atzmon. Yes there are dozens if not hundreds of all these conspiracy sites that are happy to post Atzmon. I tend not to go anywhere near them. Atzmon is all over sites like the Truth Seeker.

    Of course I will cite what such sites say about Atzmon/Rizzo and the rest of the crowd. Or has Mary forgotten her defence of the holocaust denier and virulent anti-Semite Israel Shamir?

    So, since I don’t believe Shamir is an anti semite, it is not “incumbant” upon me to demonstrate diddly squat to you about my support of the Palestinian cause.

    I notice she posts as ‘anonymous’ but it’s not difficult working it out!

    What Mary’s real objection is that by referencing far-right sites we can demonstrate not only what they think about Atzmon/Rizzo et al. but the fact that Atzmon has been posting to the very same sites, alongside it would seem Mary Rizzo.

    Just one question for Mary. Why is Israel Shamir not on your petition? Did you ask him not to sign in order not to embarrass the supporter of sex with children?

    And Mary. I know you don’t like criticising Israel Shamir but do you support him over this? A simple yes or no will suffice.

    Tony Greenstein

  15. Tony Greenstein

    This is a good example of the stupidity and moronic nature of Atzmon/Rizzo who posted the above ‘anonymous’ comment.

    Atzmon asks if I posted anything to a Ziopedia site and if not why don’t I ask them to remove my article. Of course if I never go to the site or post to it how would I know what is there? Or even what the site is about? Of course Atzmon no doubt knows everything about it since he regularly trawls the net for the most receptive sewer.

    Tony G

    >>’One question then for our esteemed, ethical friend, Tony. Did you or not you not post to Ziopedia… Countering the Counterpuncher, which Counterpunch refused to publish) to the article Who’s Afraid of Gilad Atzmon?

    A very basic reveals that Ziopedia published your article, and has as well published your pal, Lenni Brenner. Do you guys actively send your stuff to Andrew Winkler?

    If the answer is NO, can you tell us what you and Lenni are doing there??? If it wasn’t “part of anti-racist research”, why didn’t you write and ask them to remove your article?


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