Achtung Wendy!

Achtung Wendy!









Some hours after our piece on the hilarious nonesense of the PeacePalestine petition stumbled onto the web…

… the KKK link was FINALLY removed from the site’s favoured links, and the doodoo of having Radical Press, Canada as a signatory swept under the rug. Just so it doesn’t go down MiniTruth’s memory hole we’ll post some screenshots soon for sentimental value: “Ah those days when you could defame the Holocaust without some PC liberal dogooder hounding you”. Yup, those days are well over.

But the mirth isn’t over yet. Despite ditching the Duke and redacting the Radical, PP just couldn’t bear to wave goodbye to “Wehrmacht Wendy” (Campbell), pinup girl to many an Oklahoma militiaman.

Instead of shuffling her off under a travel blanket out of the backdoor. She was treated to some free advertising for her company via the addition of a weblink.

There is an interesting note tacked to the front door of her site:

PLEASE NOTE: Wikipedia, which is dominated by racist Zionist Jews, Judeo-Fascists, Israel-firsters,& fascist elements of the CIA and Mossad
periodically makes completely false claims about Wendy Campbell, slanderously claiming that I have any ties whatsoever to “neo-Nazi” and ” white supremacist” groups or individuals. As for the racist group Stormfront, I have never ever had any contact with them and I think that they are probably a front group for Zionists.

Well, the “subjugated of the World” will give a sigh of relief to know that their saviours haven’t totally given up on lining the pockets of Holocaust deniers.

There are few other things that still pong a bit over there. But we’ll get round to those soon.





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